YIF Economic Project

This is a co- operative economy for ownership and future employment of participants. It is intended to make sons and daughters of the race break free from the prevalent proverty syndrom....

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2016 YIF Scholarship

Several yoruba indigenes students now stands the chance of winning top slot scholarship in premium Universities both home and abroad with Just N5,000 Registration Fee Are you interested,....

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Yoruba’s mind is Creative. We as descendants of Oodua must embrace a philosophy of self-love and selflessness as opposed to self-hatreds and self destructions....

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Welcome to YIF Website

Eku abo sibujoko ojulowo asa omo Yoruba. Nibiti e de yi, a yio fi toyin leti bi asa ati ise Yoruba ti dara to, awon eya eyiti won ni irepo, iwa tutu bi adaba , eto oro aje to ye koro ati ise ona. Ogbeni Olumide Aderibole da Egbe Omo-Bibi Yoruba sile gegebi oti se je logun lati gbe asa ati ise awa omo Kaaro ojire.

You have come to the home of rich cultural heritage. Here we will treat you to a sumptuous meal of the way of life of a unique people who are generally known for peace, commerce and arts. YIF was founded out of the concern and burden for Yoruba as a people and their progress and development by an illustrious son of Yoruba,

Chairman’s Column

Profile: Chief Rasheed Abiodun Gbadamosi OFR
Chairman Yoruba Indigenes Foundation is an Economist, Industrialist, philanthropist and a playwright his an avid supporter of the arts and art collector. Rag, has published several books on art, a former minister of national planning Chairman, Petroleum Price regulatory Agency (P.P.R.A) a commissioner of economic development and establishment, Chairman Ragolis Waters ltd, a trustee and Vice Chairman Visual Arts Society of Nigeria (VASOPN) to mention few.

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How To Become A Member

To be a registered member, you register with justN5,000.00 or $25.00 or 20.00 Pounds to YIF Bank Account First. After which you can come back to fill the online registration form.

  • BANK DETAILS: Yoruba Indigenes Foundation
  • Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)
  • Account number/Bank Details: Click on this link for a Account Details of Yoruba Indigene's Foundation.
  • YIF corporate registration number: IT number 28744.